FrogFactory is an NFT community that consists of 10,000 unique Frog NFTs who live on the cardano blockchain. Hand Drawn by some of the most creative tattoo artists around.

Esteemed Partnership X Frog Factory

Space Pugs: Poker Club

We are excited to announce that Frog Factory is in the biggest partnership ever in the cardano poker space! Please watch this video and look for upcoming information in the Discord Server and on Twitter!


Frog Factory’s Dangerous Darts

This a Brief summary of how dangerous darts will work.



Stage 1
  • Complete artwork of 10,000 unique frogs!

  • Build an awesome community through our socials Discord and Twitter.

  • Launch our website! Late Q1 drop of our collection on the cardano Block Chain.

  • Rarity of traits will be released (over 300 traits)!
Stage 2
  • Every frog rewards the holder a 10% discount on tattoos, stackable up to the full discount of 35%.

  • Owning 4 frogs will give the full discount, or owning the artist trait, which gives a 25% discount, plus owning another frog will yield the full discount.

  • “Artist trait,” each artist will choose a specific trait unique to their brand. Artist trait discount applies to that particular artist only.

  • One half of the mint proceeds and future royalties will be reserved for a weekly game. We will give 1000 ADA plus 5% of the previous week’s royalties away. Game begins one month after the mint.
Stage 3
  • Night Shift Mint

  • Ranks 1-10,000 will be updated on CNFT.TOOLS as minting proceeds.

  • Implementing a tiered ranking royalty system, so everyone shares in our success!

  • Not only will overall rarity be important but trait rarity will be as well. “Hint”
Stage 4
  • Future random air drops, collabs, seasonal air drops, Metaverse (already acquired), 3-D renderings, and much MORE!

  • We are reaching out to developers for video games, PLAY TO EARN!

  • Frog Factory Currency drop -$Toadken

  • Claims Portal by ADA Anvil goes live

We are incredibly excited for this project and many projects to come, the future is looking bright and this is just the beginning! Thank you for your continued support!


Meet the team